Krak Kingdom FAQs

Questions about our Krak Kingdom Rewards System? Find everything you need here!

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How do I change my phone number in the app?
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Unfortunately that is not an option. If you need to do so you must download the app on your new device and re-register with your new phone number. Once you do, reach out to and we will switch your Koins and rewards from your old account to your new one.

How can I be sure my Koins were transferred over from my old Krak Boba account?
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You must register for the app with the same email address or phone number you received your previous Krak Boba communications at. That is the email that was migrated into the new app with any existing Koins or rewards that you had.

Where in the app can I find my Koin balance?
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In the Reward portion of the app, your point tally is located at the top of the page. Our program will credit your account automatically and or the rewards will populate in your account that can be redeemed. If they are locked, you do not yet have enough Koins to unlock that particular reward.

Where does my birthday and other rewards go on the app?
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From the home screen if you click on the reward icon, any rewards that you have earned will appear here.

How do I earn Koins for my visit?
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This part is really easy and really cool. From the home screen you will select the Scan icon. Your server will use their handheld terminal to scan your device. From that point forward your app is linked to your check for that visit and you will earn the Koins. Or, let the host know your phone number and we will get you entered.

How do I redeem a reward during my visit?
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Following the same process described above, once you are connected to your check, your server will see any eligible rewards that you have in your account and will ask you if you would like to redeem one on that visit.

Can I redeem a reward on an online order through the app?
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YES! In that case, you would simply go to your rewards on the app, select the one you would like to redeem through an online order and click, “order now.” From there the eligible item you order will be discounted in your cart.

What if I forget my device, can I still get my Koins?
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YES! We can look you up in our store by the phone number or email associated with your account.

What if I forget to scan my account at the store, can I still get my Koins after I am gone from the restaurant?
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Yes, you can, simply send a picture of your receipt to and we will apply those Koins to your account. If you do not have a receipt, we are unfortunately unable to provide Koins for that visit.

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